Best restaurants in Ensenada

Best restaurants in Ensenada

In Baja California the restaurants in Ensenada are highly appreciated by lovers of the culinary arts; in these locations the intensity of Mexican colors and flavors is represented, mixed with the variety of international dishes present in their menus.

Best restaurants in Ensenada

Best restaurants in Ensenada

The best restaurants in Ensenada are characterized by being lively and taking the gastronomic experience to a higher level, where diners are well attended and captivated, from the very moment they make a reservation or set foot in the premises; to make them feel at home, but surrounded by a unique atmosphere, which takes the imagination to fly every time they taste a dish on a special occasion.

Punta Morro

In this place, its view steals all the show, of the restaurants in Ensenada open, this one has a spectacular ocean view, which embellishes the evenings of each diner, who have to choose from their dishes, lots of fresh seafood.

The restaurants in Ensenada serve the gifts that the nearby sea offers; such is the case of Punta Morro, which among its specialties are octopus, lobster, shrimp and also traditional Mexican food.

  • Address: Tijuana-Ensenada Highway, km 106, Ensenada, Municipality of Ensenada, Mexico.
  • Telephone: 646 178

punta morro ensenada - donde comer

La Kasita del Sr Omelette

If what you want are restaurants in Ensenada for breakfast, at La Kasita you can try a great variety of fruits, omelettes, fresh eggs, cereals, smoothies, coffee and bread. In short, start the day tasting beautiful and tasty dishes offered to give you energy and joy in the morning.

The restaurants in Ensenada stand out in every meal of the day, but if what you want is to go to a new environment and eat something that pleases your palate, definitely go to La Kasita del Sr omelette.

  • Address: Calle Diez 835 Ampliacion Reforma, Ensenada, Municipality of Ensenada – México
  • Telephone: 646 204 3433

La Kasita del Sr Omelette - donde desayunar en ensenada


Considered one of the best restaurants in Ensenada, at Muelle3 diners are pampered with mussels, risotto with fish, overflowing calamari and the always traditional ceviche.

Its view is towards the marina, adding a gratifying experience to visitors, who watch the boats, listen to the waves of the nearby sea and observe the colors of the sun reflected on the water during sunsets; restaurants in Ensenada like Muelle3 are magical.

  • Address: Boulevard Teniente Azueta 187-A, Recinto Portuario, Ensenada – Mexico.
  • Telephone: 646 174 0318

muelle3 - Best restaurants in Ensenada

Altozano Farm

If it’s the weekend and you want to take a tour of the restaurants in Ensenada, you have to stop by Finca Altozano. Its ambiance is out of this world, its prices are affordable for the quality of food they serve and its location is privileged.

The dishes that most stand out in this location are the shrimp sopes, its wine tasting, whose experience is complemented with a visit to the vineyards and international food, to captivate both locals and travelers.

  • Address: Km 83 No.3 Ensenada – Tecate, Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Municipality of Ensenada – Mexico.
  • Telephone: 646 688 1016

finca altozano - mejores restaurantes ensenada

Stella Cucina al Forno

If what you want are restaurants in El Sauzal Ensenada, where Stella will take you a great surprise; since its Italian cuisine will transport you to a journey of homemade flavors. The pizzas please those who try them, as well as the wines served in this place.

In a pleasant atmosphere, it is ideal to go with family, friends or couple; especially if you want to taste an authentic Italian food and try the pastas, salads and desserts such as chocolate cakes.

  • Address: Carretera Tijuana- Ensenada, Km 103, El Sauzal, B.C – Mexico.
  • Telephone: 646 174 6936

Stella Cucina al Forno


Ensenada is a beautiful magical town of Mexico that you have to know and of course, do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in its rich gastronomy and if you want to know more recommendations do not forget to visit restaurants Mexico.

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