Best Vegetarian Restaurants Medellín

Best Vegetarian Restaurants Medellín

Vegetarian restaurants Medellin are the amazing option for those who do not wish to consume animal protein or have any condition, which leads them to consume preferably vegetarian dishes and if you do not know what they are, do not worry because right now we will tell you which are the best here in Restaurant-Z.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants Medellín

Best Vegetarian Restaurants Medellín

Nowadays people also take care of their figure and what they eat, so the best vegetarian restaurants in Medellin are places of interest to go to taste a good dish full of flavor and emotions, adding the fact that they are also very healthy. Vegetarian dishes are a trend in consumption by people of all ages.

Green World

As its name suggests, this place serves dishes full of greenery and freshness. Its healthy cuisine with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, includes it in the Medellin vegetarian restaurants guide as one of the best for its variety of presentations and friendly atmosphere.

Mundo Verde perfectly fulfills the characteristics of vegetarian restaurants in Medellin, because its diners are really satisfied, as they have the novelty of eating desserts without sugar and make their own salads with lots of vegetables.

It is located at Carrera 37 8a 40 Via Primavera, Medellín 050021 Colombia.

mundo verde medellin - donde comer saludable en medellin

Verdeo Restaurant

This is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Medellín el Poblado for its varied menu and excellent service from its waiters, who are in charge of explaining each presentation, so that customers are aware of what they are eating.

El Verdeo tops the list of vegetarian restaurants in Medellin for its fruity and vegetable options, diners love to eat many dishes from the menu and are left with the feeling of wanting to come back and repeat.

Its location is Carrera 36 # 10b – 33 El Poblado, Medellin 050021 Colombia.

Verdeo Restaurante Medellin - restaurante saludable medellin

Justo Restaurant

One of the most iconic vegetarian restaurants in Medellin, its spaces are full of plants and furniture that inspire tranquility. Its dishes have under no circumstances natural ingredients and its menu is changed frequently, so that its diners and loyal customers have the option to try something different on each visit.

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Medellin, because there is also inside the place, a small market to buy ingredients and products that you can take home and continue enjoying the Justo Restaurant experience for many days.

If you want to go, go to Carrera. 37 #10A 58 Medellín, Colombia.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants Medellín

Health Bread

Pioneer among vegetarian restaurants in Medellin for its organic preparations and dishes focused on the use of mushrooms, vegetables, nuts and cereals. In Salud Pan you will find fun artisanal preparations, both in sight and in taste.

Their forte is the portobellos sandwich, which many consume both at lunch and as a mid-afternoon snack. Its decor is quite cozy, bringing together the aromas of the countryside and having a very diverse market of healthy and fitness products, to maintain the figure.

It is located at Carrera 4 #7084 Medellín, Colombia.

salud pan - mejores restaurantes vegetarianos en medellin

Express Lentil

Born as a dream of two guys who sold vegetarian burgers with meat prepared from lentils, it positioned itself among the most visited vegetarian restaurants in Medellin by lovers of healthy options.

Its forte continues to be fast food prepared with ingredients that substitute animal proteins, such as legumes and vegetables. Their vegetarian hot dogs are loaded with explosive flavors that delight the palate, with salty, sweet and fresh nuances.

In Lenteja Express you will be satisfied with the price – quality ratio of their dishes, located at Carrera 35 #8A 76 Medellin, Antioquia – Colombia.

Lenteja Express medellin restaurantes


This is our short list of places where you can eat healthy in Medellin and where you can enjoy a tasty vegetarian dish. We hope you liked it and don’t forget to follow our series of recommendations of places to eat in Colombia.

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