Asados Dona Rosa medellin

Asados Dona Rosa

Featuring a cherished legacy of 27 years of tradition, Asados Dona Rosa prides itself on its reputation of great service in providing some of the finest Antioquian food at inexpensive prices. Today, we will tell you about this place and of course, it has to be on your top list of places to eat in Medellín.

Asados Dona Rosa

Asados Dona Rosa

This Medellin restaurant has a quiet atmosphere and casual ambience which makes it a prime selection for enjoying a meal with friends and family. Due to its dedication to providing authentic gourmet Antioquian cuisine, Asados Dona Rosa is a superb choice for visitors that want to experience the flavors of the region.

Asados Dona Rosa offers a variety of specialty entrees and dishes on its menu including creole options, premium grilled meats, chorizos, empanadas, and desserts.

Asados Dona Rosa medellin

Guests seeking to have a refreshing beverage can choose from a selection of juices prepared from fresh fruits and several different flavors of milkshakes.

High quality ingredients, experienced cooks, and a reliable service team work together to ensure impeccable taste for every meal.

Looking to host an event or a business meeting? Asados Dona Rosa also offers its establishment for family celebrations and a number of different meetings and events, providing guests with a remarkable catering service to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Asados Dona Rosa restaurant

The restaurant has multiple locations throughout Medellin, making it easy to find great food anywhere in the city.


There are many delicacies to eat here, so we recommend the entry of chorizos cocteleros Picantes, which are composed of delicious spicy choricitos criollos, accompanied by arepa and potato.

Of course, if it is the first time you eat here and you want to enjoy the quality of Colombian food, then you have to try the tray with chicharrón, accompanied by beans, rice, potato and sweated yucca, egg, slice of maduro, salad and arepa.

Undoubtedly, here you will gain a few extra kilos, but remember: You only live once, so enjoy the gastronomy of Medellin.

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