Best Expensive Restaurants in Bogotá

Best Expensive Restaurants in Bogotá

If you’re visiting the Colombian capital or you’re a local looking for a great dinner or lunch in terms of food quality, restaurant ambiance, location, and more, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best and most exclusive restaurants in Bogotá. Whether you’re going with your partner, family, or to celebrate special moments in your life, let’s get to know them.

Best Expensive Restaurants in Bogotá

Best Expensive Restaurants in Bogotá

You should be aware that, by tradition, there are elegant restaurants with many years in the city run by nationally renowned chefs. However, lately, new restaurants with unparalleled gastronomic offerings have also opened, and here at Restaurante-Z, we’ll tell you about them.

Harry Sasson

Its chef is the famous Harry Sasson, the namesake of the restaurant. This is perhaps one of the most traditional places where you can count on impeccable service and exquisite dishes. It’s a favorite among many Colombians for celebrating special events or simply enjoying a delicious meal or Sunday lunch after mass.

There are dishes for all tastes and occasions, but keep in mind that its impeccable service and high-quality dishes make it a rather expensive place. However, it’s worth every peso spent. It’s even considered one of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America.

The atmosphere is very family-friendly and spacious, with slightly more private spaces if you want to make group reservations for celebrations. Its location is unmatched in terms of exclusivity, on Ninth Avenue near 75th Street, very close to the restaurant and nightlife district of Zone T.
Harry Sasson - Exclusive Restaurant in Colombia

Leo Cocina y Cava

Directed by Chef Leonor Espinosa and located in the traditional neighborhood of Chapinero in Bogotá. We assure you that you won’t find another restaurant in Colombia with the subtle and sophisticated concept that Leonor Espinosa has created. It’s also part of the list of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America.

She has traveled the country in search of products and culinary traditions that celebrate national cuisine. Creativity, local ingredients handled with precision, an interesting wine list, and an elegant ambiance make this place a privilege.

Furthermore, it now includes a cocktail bar with Colombian influences, just like its dishes, which allow you to experience the sensations and emotions of a narrative of Colombian cuisine where you can feel, smell, remember, move, observe, listen, and experiment.
Leo Cocina y Cava - Expensive Restaurant in Bogotá

Osaka Nikkei

Although it’s a Peruvian restaurant chain, its chef made sure to stay in the city from the beginning to guarantee the quality and excellence of its Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) fusion that attracts the palates of many. In fact, the Chilean branch of the same restaurant is on the well-known list of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America.

The ambiance is influenced by Japanese culture and is located in the exclusive restaurant district on 81st Street near Zone T. The prices are justified by its food, an explosion of flavors, and excellent service.

The cocktail bar and nightlife also make this place a good choice for celebrating after a meal.
Osaka Nikkei - Luxury Restaurants in Bogotá


Directed by Chef Jose Castro Mendivil, with 25 years of experience reflected in more than 15 restaurants throughout Latin America. He has an absolute love for food, for cooking with his close environment, his people, his eternal creativity, and passion, which he uses to create QUN.

Located in Zone T, it offers intelligent and contemporary cuisine with a strong Nikkei and Peruvian influence, rooted in Colombia with many Andean, Latin, and Amazonian influences, with shared threads as strong as the Pacific, the Andes, and the Amazon.

The ambiance is very chic yet relaxed, perfect for going with friends or a partner and enjoying some good cocktails and dishes.
QUN Bogota - Most Expensive Restaurants in Colombia


Seratta Gourmand Market is a theme park with countless gastronomic experiences. Directed by the Michelin-starred Basque chef Rubén Trincado, who combines the best Mediterranean flavors with typical Colombian products.

The place has different environments since it has many spaces and different experiences, such as the Italian one, where you can cook with a chef, the charcuterie with the best foreign cuts, the most complete wine cellar in the country, an international brewery, a whisky and piano club, a confectionery, a terrace for enjoying cocktails and good music, and the market where you can buy your favorite foods.

The restaurant has no barriers or walls; in fact, the kitchen has glass walls that reveal everything that happens inside.
Seratta Exclusive Restaurant in Bogotá


Criterión is a high-end restaurant located in Bogotá, Colombia. Its eight-course tasting menu, prepared with high-quality ingredients, reflects the creativity and talent of Chef Jorge Rausch. The elegant and sophisticated ambiance, along with excellent service, make Criterión a unique gastronomic experience. Its price makes it the most expensive restaurant in Colombia.
Criterión Expensive Restaurants in Bogotá

El cielo

Another one of the most expensive restaurants in Bogotá is El Cielo, located at 70th Street # 4-47, in the Usaquén neighborhood. This restaurant also offers modern signature cuisine but with a more traditional Colombian focus. The average price for a dinner for two at El Cielo is approximately 2,000,000 Colombian pesos (about 400 US dollars).
El Cielo Restaurant Colombia, One of the Costliest Restaurants in Bogotá


Located at 72nd Street # 11-61, in the Chapinero neighborhood. This restaurant offers international fusion cuisine with influences from Colombian and other global cuisines. The average price for a dinner for two at Matiz is approximately 1,500,000 Colombian pesos (about 300 US dollars).
Matiz Restaurant Bogotá, Expensive Restaurant

What is the most expensive restaurant in Bogotá?

The most expensive restaurant in Bogotá is Criterión, located at 69A Street # 5-75, in the Chapinero neighborhood. This restaurant offers modern and sophisticated signature cuisine with high-quality ingredients. The average price for a dinner for two at Criterión is approximately 2,500,000 Colombian pesos (about 500 US dollars).

Which restaurant in Colombia has a Michelin star?

Among the exclusive restaurants in Bogotá, you’ll find El Cielo, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Colombia. This restaurant offers modern signature cuisine with a traditional Colombian focus. Other exclusive restaurants include Criterión, which offers modern and sophisticated signature cuisine, and Matiz, which offers international fusion cuisine with influences from Colombian cuisine.

These restaurants offer a unique and exceptional gastronomic experience and are a must-visit for any food lover.


This is just a glimpse of the best restaurants in Bogotá in terms of exclusivity, elegance, and taste, as there are many more you could explore. Remember that all of these restaurants offer personalized telephone or internet assistance for placing orders, reservations, or addressing inquiries.

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