Cienfuegos - The perfect fire

Cienfuegos – The perfect fire

Cienfuegos – El fuego perfecto is a restaurant in Merida that specializes in offering an exceptional grill dining experience.

Cienfuegos – The Perfect Fire

At Cienfuegos, you can delight yourself with the best grilled meats, with intense and juicy flavors. Its careful preparation process highlights the quality of the meats, achieving delicious dishes full of flavor. From succulent cuts of beef, pork and chicken to vegetarian options, at Cienfuegos you will find options to satisfy all tastes.

The restaurant stands out for its cozy atmosphere and attention to detail. The team at Cienfuegos strives to provide friendly and professional service, ensuring that every diner enjoys a memorable experience.

In terms of cost, Cienfuegos offers good value for money. Prices are reasonable, considering the quality of the meats and accompaniments offered.

If you wish to visit Cienfuegos, it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance, especially during the busiest times of the day. You can contact the restaurant through [contact information] or book directly from their website to secure your place.

Cienfuegos – El fuego perfecto is located at Perif. de Mérida Lic. Manuel Berzunza 32, Fundura Montebello, and it is easy to reach the restaurant by car or using local transportation services.

Enjoy an exceptional grilling experience at Cienfuegos – El fuego perfecto in Merida!