Querreke is a renowned restaurant in the vibrant city of Mérida, located in the state of Yucatán. It stands out for its focus on the fusion of traditional Yucatecan cuisine with contemporary touches, offering innovative dishes and unique flavors that delight diners.



Gastronomic Experience

The dining experience at Querreke is an explosion of flavors and creativity. The restaurant combines fresh local ingredients with modern culinary techniques to create surprising dishes. Diners can enjoy a variety of options that fuse Yucatecan tradition with culinary influences from around the world, resulting in bold and delicious combinations.

Ambiance and Service

Querreke offers a modern and sophisticated ambiance, with elegant décor and a relaxed atmosphere. Service is attentive and professional, ensuring that diners feel welcome and cared for during their visit. Attention to detail and care in the presentation of dishes reflect the restaurant’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of the customer experience.



Querreke is a restaurant that offers an exciting fusion of Yucatecan cuisine with contemporary influences in the city of Mérida. Its innovative and creative approach appeals to food lovers looking for new culinary experiences. With its modern ambiance, professional service and delicious dishes, Querreke promises to surprise and captivate diners, offering an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Yucatán.