Restaurante Ya-axká

Ya-axká Restaurant is a culinary treasure in the city of Mérida, located in the beautiful state of Yucatán. It is known for its dedication to preserving and promoting the rich Yucatecan gastronomic tradition, offering authentic flavors and emblematic dishes of the region.

Ya-axká Restaurant

Ya-axká Restaurant

Gastronomic Experience

Ya-axká Restaurant offers diners a unique experience of traditional Yucatecan cuisine. The dishes on the menu are a true homage to the culinary culture of the region. From the classic cochinita pibil to the refreshing lime soup and exquisite papadzules, each bite transports diners to the very essence of Yucatecan cuisine.

Ambiance and Service

The ambiance at Ya-axká Restaurant is authentic and welcoming, with décor that reflects the rich Yucatecan culture. Diners are greeted with warmth and friendliness, providing quality service that highlights the hospitality characteristic of the region. The restaurant strives to create a familiar and comfortable atmosphere to make visitors feel at home.



Restaurante Ya-axká is a must for lovers of traditional Yucatecan cuisine in the city of Mérida. With its focus on the authenticity of Yucatecan flavors, it offers a dining experience that highlights the emblematic dishes of the region. The cozy atmosphere and friendly, attentive service make diners feel welcome and enjoy a true Yucatecan culinary experience.