Korean Grill Best Korean Restaurant in Merida

Best Korean Restaurant in Merida

Korean food nowadays has become very popular and it is normal that every day new restaurants are born where to eat and enjoy these dishes. So if you are in Mérida either because you live there or you are visiting and want to enjoy Korean gastronomic delights, then don’t go away and keep reading because now we will list several options of Korean restaurants in Mérida.

Best Korean Restaurant in Merida

Best Korean Restaurant in Merida

Something we love about Mexico, is the ease in which its gastronomic culture grows and while we are proud of our dishes, we also enjoy other types of cuisine and in Merida you will find several restaurants where you can eat Korean food. Let’s get to know them.

Korean Grill and Ice Cream

The best Korean food in a place with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Traditional recipes without leaving aside the pleasure of savoring the sweetness of more than one option. A cozy, otherworldly experience that leads you to experience and keep the best memories.

It has options to eat inside the premises as well as outside. According to their ratings, the value for money is ideal.

Korean Grill Best Korean Restaurant in Merida

Han Kki

A haven of Asian aromas and flavors that will whet your appetite. If you want a little variety and to alternate between spicy and sweet flavors, this place is perfect. Its price range goes from 4 dollars to 7 dollars approximately, making it a place to create experiences in a very friendly way.

And with its welcoming and helpful service, the place promises that once you taste its authenticity, you will want to come back as soon as possible to taste more tempting options.

Han Kki restaurante coreano

Snow Drop

This traditional Korean food cafe that lets the aromas flood the place in its entirety. It is a perfect place to hang out with family and friends, tasting different dishes, including Korean-style ice cream, bread, coffee, ramen and many more that you can find in their menu.

Its decoration is fresh and soft, so it provides a simple and subtle visual experience, it is also important to mention that they turn on background music, allowing you to have an experience full of flavor, color and velvet sounds.

Snow Drop

Choga Seoul

The proposal of this restaurant is to bring as much as possible of the flavors of their country, and those who are in charge of the restaurant are originally from Korea. The dishes range from the best known to the most traditional Korean dishes, such as Korean garden chicken or Dak Gal Bi, fried rice, kimchi and more.

It is worth mentioning that this restaurant achieved a lot of notoriety for its alternative of mixing aesthetic and colorful food with plants and a good vibe. It is located in the Arco neighborhood and is perfect for more than just a good time.

Choga Seoul merida comida coreana


Sweets is a candy restaurant that will allow you to get as sweet as you want. They offer the service of consumption inside the restaurant, as well as pick up orders at the door. It is worth mentioning that they also offer home delivery, so your sweets can be delivered to wherever you are.

Korean dessert recipes par excellence are incredible, and receiving something sweet that has been prepared with dedication and delicacy is comforting in a thousand and one ways.

Sweets merida korean


The Asian flavor will reach your palate and we have no doubt that you will enjoy it. What other place do you think we are missing? We’ll read you in the comments and by the way, don’t forget to read about seafood restaurants and Italian restaurants in Merida.

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