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Best restaurants in Hermosillo

Do not miss the options of restaurants in Hermosillo that we have for you, in this list, you will find new places and good gastronomy. In Hermosillo, state of Sonora, Mexico; it is known for being a very warm place and with a name whose meaning is, nice and small place.

Best restaurants in Hermosillo

Although this has been left behind, because the enormous growth of the city has allowed the commerce to expand and also the tourism and now we will tell you which are the places where to eat, here in Restaurant-Z.

In that sense, the best restaurants in Hermosillo take great pleasure in serving diners well, in maintaining nice and elegant decorations, as well as in bringing the combination of national and international food within everyone’s reach.

Buqui Bichi Brewing – Kino

For lovers of good rock and beer, this is one of the restaurants in Hermosillo that serves the best hamburgers. It is one of the few restaurants in Hermosillo Sonora that has won a gold medal in regional craft beer competitions with its emblematic Talega. Tourists coming from the nearby lands of the USA usually visit this place as part of their routes.

  • Address: Boulevard Francisco Eusebio Kino 69 Local 1, Hermosillo – Mexico.
  • Telephone: 662 210 0526

Buqui Bichi Brewing – Kino - donde comer en hermosillo

Swiss Haus                      

Of the restaurants open in Hermosillo, this is the one with one of the largest varieties of dishes, presenting in its menu elements of Italian, French, traditional Mexican, International, Mediterranean and European cuisines. On Sundays they serve a buffet, which among Hermosillo restaurants, has allowed the place to remain one of the favorites of the locals over the years.

  • Address: Doctor Paliza 62, Colonia Centenario, Hermosillo – Mexico.
  • Telephone: 662 217 5040

Best restaurants in Hermosillo - Swiss Haus  

La Cura HMO

If your search is focused on seafood restaurants in Hermosillo, the best option in town is La Cura HMO, where the particularity and freshness of the seafood, its preparation, portions, flavor and sauces are really its forte, not to mention its affordable prices.

One of the Hermosillo restaurants best reviewed by its diners, for its treatment, attention and atmosphere of comfort, to go to enjoy a good meal. The waiters usually explain the origins of the dishes, such as shrimp cocktail, grilled octopus and tuna tiradito.

  • Address: Avenida Veracruz 77 Colonia 5 de Mayo, Hermosillo – Mexico.
  • Phone: 662 310 7625

La Cura HMO . mejores lugares donde comer en hermosillo

Jardines Miyako Restaurant

Asian cuisine also stands out in the restaurants in Hermosillo, in fact in Jardines Miyako you can taste the best sushi in the region. Travelers highlight the flavors and texture of the tempura, as well as the freshness of the fish.

With autochthonous ingredients and decoration set in the modernity of Japan, its diners have the satisfaction of tasting a variety of oriental dishes, loaded with exquisite aromas and flavors that delight even the most demanding palates. The essence of Hermosillo restaurants is reflected in this place.

  • Address: Blvd Luis Encinas 537, Hermosillo – Mexico.
  • Telephone: 662 218 5240

Restaurante Jardines Miyako - restaurantes hermosillo

Netto Sonoran Cuisine

If you are looking for the best goat steak served in Hermosillo restaurants, you should definitely go to this restaurant; with a side of cauliflower, bechamel cream and toasted bread with butter. At Netto the cuisine specializes in Sonora, but also has outstanding seafood notes, highlighting the tacos with shrimp and hard cheese toppings.

Their exotic fusions in drinks combine fruits like mango with chili, to give you a flavor trip through your mouth. And to close your night or day, you can order one of the best desserts, with the characteristic sweetness of pecan pie.

  • Address: Boulervard. Luis D. Colosio 895-B, Hermosillo – Mexico.
  • Telephone: 662 262 7060

Netto Cocina Sonorense


Undoubtedly Hermosillo has a great variety of places to eat and if you want to know even more, we invite you to read our series of restaurants in Mexico.

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