Best Restaurants in Mexicali - Museum of Mexicali Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Mexicali

Mexico has a renowned and acclaimed gastronomy, restaurants in Mexicali strive to offer the public incredible variants of them; a considerable amount of different cuisines and dishes to satisfy the demand of each diner and contribute to the development of the region. In fact, it can be said that Mexican gastronomy is part of Mexico’s tourist attractions.

Best Restaurants in Mexicali

Restaurants in Mexicali

Mexicali is a city where it is hot and its locals usually go out to eat and drink in restaurants; mostly located in the center of the region.

We invite you to visit this beautiful border land and soak up its culture, its people and its affection; we recommend you to try each one of the different culinary options, which you will find in the best restaurants in Mexicali.

La Casa de Julia

Casa Julia is one of the favorite breakfast restaurants in Mexicali for its traditional cuisine, picturesque atmosphere and friendly service. In its spaces you will find paintings of Frida Kahlo and they will serve you food and drinks in casseroles; mainly to remind you of the roots of the culture of the place. Among the restaurants in Mexicali this one has a terrace and a room for interviews or radio programs.

  • Address: Avenida Paseo de los Robles #1, Mexicali 21230 Mexico.
  • Telephone: 686 568 4868

La Casa de Julia mexicali restaurantes

Museum of Mexicali Restaurant

If you are looking for breakfast restaurants in Mexicali; then going to the Museum is your best option, not only because you will taste the best menudo in Mexico. You will make a gastronomic journey where the elements of the history of the city that you will find in its spaces are complemented. In addition, zesta is part of the restaurants in Mexicali that stand out for their original, recreational and educational concept.

If you want to taste a good quesadilla, drink a coffee that activates your senses and surround yourself with a decoration that transports you to another era, don’t hesitate to plan a visit to the Museum of Mexicali.

  • Address: Granjas Virreyes 21190 Mexicali, BC, Mexico.
  • Telephone: 686 555 8108

Best Restaurants in Mexicali - Museum of Mexicali Restaurant

Los Arcos

The best of the restaurants in Mexicali with seafood and fish menu; we invite you to enjoy a delicious clam soup and that your children enjoy the goodness of a breaded fish; know Los Arcos, an excellent attraction for its diners.

  • Its main dish is octopus and cebiche, besides its decoration is fresh and the atmosphere is very cozy for the whole family. Being a very famous restaurant, it is usually crowded, so we recommend you to make a reservation.
  • Address: Calle Calafia #454 Fracc. Centro Cívico, Mexicali 21000 Mexico.

Los Arcos - mejores restaurantes en Mexicali

China House

Asian food is very famous in Mexicali, to the point that this region is considered to serve the most exquisite food in Mexico; therefore, if you are looking for Chinese food restaurants in Mexicali, the first option you should go to is China House.

If you want to be surrounded by a good oriental style decoration, accompanied by elegance and spectacular dishes; you will know Peking style dishes or shrimp in mango sauce, go to the best Chinese food restaurant in Mexicali.

  • Address: Carpinteros Y Justo Sierra No 1001, Mexicali City Mexico.
  • Phone: 686 554 8806

china house mexicali donde comer

Mochomos Mexicali

Closing the list of restaurants in Mexicali, we present you Mochomos; a special place to find many of the fruits and delicacies offered by the sea. In this restaurant you will find dishes in the style of grilled shrimp, grilled octopus, tuna entrees and of course, a great salmon fillet cooked to perfection.

One of the best restaurants in Mexicali, Mochomos pleases the diner with a pleasant atmosphere. All this loaded with attentions from the house and with an elegant decoration, propitious to celebrate special occasions.

  • Address: Manuel Gómez Morín 799 Plaza Lienzo Calzada, Mexicali 21259 Mexico.
  • Telephone: 686 564 5066

Mochomos Mexicali restaurante elegante


This is just a small list of the many places that you can find in Mexicali and where you can eat very well, and although we still have many more to go, we will be adding them here in Restaurants Mexico little by little.

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