Best romantic restaurants in Medellín

Best romantic restaurants in Medellín

Romantic restaurants in Medellin match very well with the city known for its climate of eternal spring; due to its mild temperature, lovers are always looking to ignite the flame of passion, sharing in special places, where they serve good food and manage to gather the warmth of its people and today in Z restaurant, we will tell you about some of the best places to eat with your partner here.

Best romantic restaurants in Medellín

The best 5 romantic restaurants in Medellín

In Colombia the romantic restaurants in Medellin stand out for their opulence, good prices, friendly service and divine food, ideal to enjoy with your partner on any special date or to share pleasant moments that will remain engraved in your heart.

In Situ restaurant

It falls into the category of romantic restaurants in Medellin economic, but do not be confused thinking that it is a place with a lack of appearance, because in fact it is located in one of the best places, within the botanical garden.

Couples who go to this place, are delighted with the natural scenery around them and how the dishes meet the criteria of taste, presentation and quality.

To be more precise, it is located at Calle 73 N 51D – 14 Jardín Botánico, Medellín 050010 Colombia. It is an ideal environment for romance.

In Situ restaurante romántico en Medellín


This place encompasses everything that romantic restaurants in Medellin should have, its food is exotic, its flavors delight the palate of the diner, its atmosphere is tempered by background music that accompanies every breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cambria is perfect to pamper the one you love, because they will be happy to eat a good dessert of the highest quality pastries.

Its privileged location in Carrera 43E 12-16 Barrio Manila, Medellin 000000 Colombia, makes it perfect to go at any time. It offers a varied menu and excellent attention from the staff, make you always want to return to the best restaurant.

Cambria - restaurante para pareja en medellin


With a charming and popular name, it falls into the group of romance restaurants in Medellin, because it is full of color, freshness and love both in the facilities and in the dishes they serve.

The wine tasting is special to celebrate an anniversary of courtship or marriage. It is in this place that the typical dishes of Colombia are prepared with care; thus achieving that many are surprised at the time of tasting them.

To go to this amazing place, just go to Carrera 36 # 10A-27 El Poblado, Medellín 050003 Colombia.

Carmen donde comer con tu pareja en medellin

La Pampa Parrilla Argentina

If you are looking for romance restaurants in Laureles Medellin and also you and your partner are meat lovers, this is the perfect option. The dishes are presented just right, the attention from the staff is excellent and the atmosphere is pleasant for an evening for two.

The tenderloin is the favorite dish of the diners, who then end the evening with a rich dessert that goes straight to the heart through the lush flavors, shaped by the love of the chef.

Located at Calle 18 #35-50 Mall Palms Avenue, Medellín 050021 Colombia, it is a great option to go to in Los Laureles.

La Pampa Parrilla Argentina - restaurantes medellin

Palazzetto D’ Italia

With more than 25 years of service, it enters as one of the best romantic Italian restaurants in Medellin, it is preferred by many people, for the quality and quantity of its dishes.

The pastas perfectly demonstrate the love with which they are prepared, so if your partner is pleased with the food and attention, this place is perfect for sharing a lunch; it is also a favorite of cheese lovers and its flavor.

Among the different restaurants the Palazzetto is the most cozy, with a very divine lasagna. Located at Calle 54 43 102, Medellín 050012 Colombia.

Palazzetto D'Italia . mejores lugares donde comer con tu pareja en medellin


These places lend themselves perfectly to eat with your partner, whether for breakfast, lunch or a romantic dinner and if you want to know more recommendations of places to eat, we invite you to visit our section of the best restaurants in Colombia.

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