Restaurantes en Ramos Mejía

Best Restaurants in Ramos Mejía

If you want to know the best restaurants in Ramos Mejía, first you must know a little of the history of the place. Years ago, this town was considered a village; however, in 1964 it was proclaimed as one of the cities that make up the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. And of course, before continuing, we invite you to know the best places to eat in Argentina.

Best Restaurants in Ramos Mejía

Best Restaurants in Ramos Mejía

Located in the west of Argentina, it has a majestic classical and contemporary architecture, admirable cultural sites and a remarkable commercial activity. In addition, it includes one of the most outstanding gastronomic offers of the Argentine territory.

The city is distinguished for having a long gastronomic offer; we invite you to know the best restaurants in Ramos Mejía, where you will be able to taste its distinctive dishes.

Palotes Coffee And Restaurant

Set in the American style of the eighties, one of the best restaurants in Ramos Mejías is Palotes Coffee And Restaurant. The courtesy of the waiters usually dazzles diners.

In this place you will find typical Argentine-American cuisine; additionally, they have a variety of exquisite desserts and a special menu for veggies.

  • Address: 244 Necochea Street, Ramos Mejías, Argentina.
  • Telephone: (+54) 9 11 4654-4698.

Palotes Coffee And Restaurant

Órale Juanito

Offering a bit of the peculiar culture of Mexico, here you will find presentations and tastings in the different areas of the restaurant. On the other hand, they organize special days to celebrate festivities and traditions; they can be Mexican or presentations of the renowned mariachis.

Among their specialties you will find dishes from Texas and Mexico. Generally, the diners are foreigners or Mexican inhabitants of the west zone of Argentina. Among the restaurants in Ramos Mejía, this is where you will find the best nachos, tacos and burritos; among the most outstanding dishes of the place.

  • Address: 231 Rosales Street, Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires.
  • Telephone number: (+54) 9 11 4658-0381

Restaurantes en Ramos Mejía

Tinto y Carbón

In this place its dishes stand out for the peculiar preparation of the classic Argentinean barbecue and churrascos. Among the main dishes, we recommend the characteristic grill, which is one of the best in Ramos Mejía.

The service is very competent, attentive and experienced; a place where you will enjoy the ideal combinations, attention and culinary experience in this unprecedented restaurant, located in western Argentina.

Of its variety of dishes, the matambrito a la pizza with mixed puree and the roasted beef eye are the most outstanding dishes. They also offer different kinds of wines.

  • Address: 14208 Rivadavia Avenue, Ramos Mejia, Argentina.
  • Telephone: (+54) 9 11 4654-9375.

tinto y carbón ramos mejía provincia de buenos aires

El Ferroviario

In the restaurant El Ferroviario you will taste the barbecue; which is still protagonist in the list of the best restaurants in Ramos Mejia. You will be able to differentiate the place for being a complex located under the highway.

It offers a list of accessible prices and different promotions for diners; it is one of the places with the best relation between price and quality. Additionally, they offer an excellent customer service; that is why the restaurant has more customers daily.

In their list of dishes you will find the matambre al vacío, brótola gratinada con puré and the carne al horno con papas y batata, the most recommended dishes of the place. The prices of these dishes start at 990 ARS.

  • Address: Avenida Reservistas Argentinos 219, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Telephone: (+54) 9 11 4643-9164

el ferroviario restaurante parrilla ramos mejia

Sottile Restaurant

Recognized as one of the most captivating restaurants in the area, here you will be offered diverse international food and a bit of Mediterranean style.

With an estimated price range of 819 to 3070 ARS. This place stands out due to the exuberant portions in each dish; besides, it is ideal to take the children out to eat, leaving the routine and trying different dishes for all tastes.

  • Address: Tomas Justo Villegas 302, B1752 Lomas del Mirador, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Telephone: (+54) 9 11 4482-5947.

Sottile Restaurante ramos mejia

Samurai Sushi

It is a place that offers Asian food, specifically Japanese gastronomy; in addition, they stand out for maintaining the quality of their dishes over time. Regularly, diners are satisfied by the attention and the vibrant flavors of the dishes.

If you are in Ramos Mejías and are looking for good restaurants, we recommend Samurai Sushi. The atmosphere is refined and irreproachable; prices range from 1530 to 2045 ARS.

  • Address: Avellaneda 289, Ramos Mejía, Argentina
  • Phone number: (+54) 9 11 6073-0792

samurai sushi ramos mejia


From meat cuts, seafood, Asian food and of course, the traditional cuisine of Argentina is what you can find among the variety of dishes offered by the restaurants of Ramos Mejia. Which of them do you already know? We’ll read you in the comments.

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