Restaurante Bovinos en Playa del Carmen

Bovine Restaurant in Playa del Carmen

If you are looking for a good place to eat near Quintana Roo, Bovinos in Playa del Carmen is your best option; whether you are on vacation or visiting with friends and family. This restaurant is part of a restaurant chain, it has many exquisite dishes and a wide variety of appetizers; accompanied by wine or an irresistible dessert.

Restaurante Bovinos en Playa del Carmen

Bovine Restaurant in Playa del Carmen

Bovinos restaurant in Playa del Carmen has a luxurious and quiet environment; which makes it perfect for any encounter, from romantic dates to business meetings. In addition, its atmosphere and menu adapt to the taste of any person, promoting its high quality food and service.

You can delight your palate at Bovinos with its gourmet specialties in exquisite Brazilian style; amidst a cozy atmosphere, excellent staff, variety of dishes and delicious meats, at the best price.


The inauguration of the branch in Playa del Carmen took place in 2015, an action that brought much success to Bovinos; each of the tourists and locals who went to this restaurant, returned to their lodgings saying that it was one of the best in town.

The one who started this restaurant was Juan Celso Graniel Romero; a remarkable entrepreneur and businessman, who brought forward these famous branches with an amazing quality in meat cuts and delicious dishes. Today the history of Bovinos is still being written.

Restaurante Bovinos en Playa del Carmen


The menu has many cuts of different types of meat; such as beef with the butterfly cut, carioca steak, picanha with garlic, baby beef and the exclusive Bovinos Steak. In lamb cuts, you can find steaks, rack, boliñas, and finally, leg. On the other hand, in the pork cuts, there is the delicious Brazilian chorizo, suckling pig, loin and picanha.

The Bovinos group in Playa del Carmen has a tempting menu with more than 50 dishes to taste; each one of these is especially sophisticated, thus giving the best image to the visitors who come to satiate their strict palate. The menu is quite extensive; it has salads, pastas and vegetables to accompany the famous cuts of meat. In addition, the gourmet specialties bar is unique.

Bovinos Playa del Carmen prices

Services for children from 6 to 11 years of age are 380 MXN; with services such as Bovino’s Tradicional which is priced at approximately 580 MXN. The best service, with the name Bovino’s Degustare, has a value of 1250 MXN.

If you need to know more about costs and reservations at Bovinos in Playa del Carmen, the contact phone number can be found on their official website; with updates from time to time.

Bovinos Specialty Bar

Bovinos in Playa del Carmen offers the best refreshing mixes to accompany the delicious meat; such as the bloody bonny, the unique Bovinos EUA (inspired by the beauty of women), Espresso de media noche, the Gin Berries mix and the drink with the name of Jacque mate. All these drinks have a complex elaboration and have a quite luxurious image, at an excellent cost.

On the other hand, there are delicious Brazilian-style delicacies, such as papaya creams, creme brulee, chocolate fondant, Neapolitan flan and the exquisite corn cake. Keep in mind that there is always room for a good dessert.

Barra de especialidades de Bovinos

How to get to Bovinos?

You’ve decided to go to this wonderful restaurant, but you don’t know how to get there? Don’t worry, the region where Bovinos is located is very well known and the cab or bus services know the place very well; they will be able to drop you off in front of it very easily.

Its exact location is in downtown Playa del Carmen, between 10th Avenue and 12th Street.

Why should you go to Bovinos?

This restaurant is characterized by the vast scale of swords, with garnishes and dishes accompanied by a drink; in this way it achieves the ideal pairing. Therefore, Bovinos ensures a unique culinary experience, at an affordable price and in a luxurious location.

A trip to this place not only guarantees you a magnificent high quality meal; also, since it is located in a tourist area, you will be able to watch a movie or go shopping without the worry of getting home to cook.
In case you need to organize a celebration, Bovinos is ideal for you; since the staff in charge will do everything possible to make that important event unforgettable. Also, you will have the support of the manager; in charge of making exceptions such as setting aside and organizing a space for your group of family or friends.

At Bovinos in Playa del Carmen, you can hold any event or meeting; each of its services certifies you a unique experience, as well as the tasting of the best food in the entire region.
Delight yourself with the Brazilian gastronomy of this pleasant and warm place; where the food will provoke your appetite and seduce you through your sense of smell.


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